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Offshore-Manual.com is proud to be one of the, if not the, oldest and continuous providers and publishers of anonymity, asset protection, offshore, privacy, PT, legal tax avoidance, tax haven and wealth protection reports, products and services in the world - bar none! To confirm this please go to the Internet Archive and place offshore-manual.com in the WAY BACK MACHINE.

Our longevity on the internet and in the offshore business is our asseveration for the professional service and products we've provided to thousands of satisfied customers from more than 100 countries around the globe to meet and exceed their financial, privacy, personal and offshore goals and requirements over many years. We pride ourselves in our friendly, helpful service, offering the latest privacy and anonymous products and services, whilst delivering your orders in a timely and professional manner all at an affordable cost.

Offshore Manual (formerly Carlton Press) is owned and operated by Mr. Sterling Fisher and his small staff of privacy minded entrepreneurs, who have a combined total in excess of 100 years of offshore knowledge to service you with your offshore and privacy requirements. All Offshore Manual's providers for our products and services we offer at our web site have been time tested and given a thumbs up.

We look forward to helping you to help yourself with the right offshore and privacy products and services.

Our heartfelt thanks for allowing us this opportunity to assist you in meeting you're offshore requirements.

Sterling Fisher for Offshore Manual and our staff.

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Please be sure to read the following statement of referral policy before proceeding to order or inquire about a specific second citizenship or residence program!


Note that all citizenship and residence programs are by referral only! Offshore Manual does NOT sell passports!!

Upon receipt of proof of funds and our referral fee of Eur 1,000, we will forward your application to a reliable source regarding the respective providing agency managing the program.

The referral fee of Eur 1,000 is of course applied towards purchase should you wish to proceed. Proof of funds can be a current, verifiable bank statement showing sufficient funds available in order for you to procure the product. Naturally you can white out the name or the account number.

This referral only format is even the case where one of our web pages may not yet have been updated properly, thus still stating otherwise.

Procurement agreements are with respective providing agencies only.

Our referral fee of Eur 1,000 fee (to avoid the merely curious) is all we ask from you for this prime referral service. Note that the referral fee is payable with your forwarding proof of funds in order to learn all the specs regarding a specific program including country's name, etc.

While Offshore Manual has taken all pains to research all programs and agencies, and while we believe every program featured on our site to be valid and bona fide and wouldn't recommend it otherwise, Offshore Manual can in no way be held liable for performance of procuring agencies. As it stands, we have always known all recommended procuring agencies to be 100% reliable and of absolute integrity in the past.

However, it is to be understood that we are merely brokering the contact, not the contract! Hence, any agreements undertaken with agencies will be at client's own responsibility. By sending us your preliminary application you unequivocally agree to these our terms.

Note that we are bound by contract not to divulge countries' names before receipt of positive proof of funds. We will blandly refuse to reply to all inquiries not complying with these terms.

If interested, please drop us a line so we can discuss the modalities.

Please be as specific as you can - we won't waste our time anymore on vague, non-committal inquiries of the "send more, more, more info's" ilk!