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"I don't know how Henry does it, but the Freebooter always delivers the goods before anyone else!" - Peter Trevellian-The world's foremost expert on expatriation of assets! Welcome aboard!

THE FREEBOOTER, a highly informative newsletter for PT's and wanna-be PTs. Published by the famous pirate, "Henry Morgan. " The best of it's class, ethical and very highly recommended! Dr. W.G. (Bill) Hill.

THE FREEBOOTER is a bi-monthly newsletter specially written for those who are serious about protecting their wealth, their privacy, their ass and their assets against Big Brother and the numerous chancers, grifters, legislators, thieves and con artists modern government has spawned.

Every issue has twenty fact filled pages dedicated to helping you perfect a lifestyle free from the prying eyes of official wealth usurpers and their destructive minions.

You will be exposed to the PT (Permanent Tourist, Past Taxpayer, it's a Perfect Thing) philosophy and the many legal steps you can take to ensure that the wealth you build remains entirely yours to enjoy any way you prefer, in any jurisdiction in which you feel at home. For an introduction to PT philosophy, just send me an e-mail with your request and I'll get straight back to you.

Subscribe now and get "hot off the press" information early enough to use to your advantage. Stay up to date on all matters relating to your privacy and survival and the many other topical issues that are never reported truthfully in the main stream media. Subjects that feature in The Freebooter include:
  • Offshore banking
  • Acquiring other citizenship's
  • 2nd Passports
  • Banking passports
  • Favoured havens
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Investment opportunities
  • Anonymous ATM/MasterCards
  • Personal privacy and protection
  • Personal help & consultation
  • Plus much more
The Freebooter Underground Library, is an extensive catalogue of invaluable books and reports covering all aspects of privacy and survival. Each issue of the Freebooter features new and exciting additions to our library.

Our very own PT's Speciality Emporium, The Bosun's Locker is open for businesss in every issue. Shop for little known PT products and accessories you probably never knew existed.

I look forward to hearing from you! Henry Morgan
Publisher The Freebooter

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